First Blog Ever.

Dear internet,

So here I am on wordpress, almost 10 months after writing my “about me” and still no closer to finding my creative outlet. I guess the trouble I’m having is every time I find a few minutes to sit down and write I spend my time trying to think up a topic other people would like to read my thoughts on. THAT’S my problem right there. I’m trying to write for other people. I need to let go of the other idea that other people may read my blog, and care enough about anything I have to say enough to have an opinion of it.

The truth is, there may be someone out there who will stumble across my blog, and maybe they even have enough time on their hands not only to read what I have to say, but to also form an opinion of my words, but so what? If you are that person, I’m not writing for you. This is for me.

For the longest time, I obsessed (maybe “obsessed” is a bit strong, but I did waste more than a few thoughts on the idea) over what my brand should be…because most bloggers seem to have a brand, or a theme. They write about parenting, or cooking, crafting, current events….what ever. I specialize in none, but dabble in all of these things, so I’m tossing the idea of a brand out the window, and I’m just going to do what I came here to do…..write!

Well internet, that’s all I have time for this evening. I hope this entry is sufficient for my first blog, and if not…meh.